Tips for Your Client’s Insurance Exam

Key things to suggest to your clients, before they take their insurance physical!


·        Avoid Strenuous workout 24 hours prior to exam.  May increase liver function tests and urine protein.


·        Drink lots of water the day prior to the exam.


·        Stay off salt for 3-4 days prior to exam, it may have beneficial effect on blood pressure.


·        No alcohol for 24 hours prior to exam.


·        Get a good night’s rest and schedule exam in the morning.


·        Plan an 8-hour overnight fast.  Optimizes lipid and blood sugar.


·        Avoid beverages containing caffeine at least one hour before exam.  It may influence blood pressure and pulse.


·        Write down and bring with you, past medical history, physicians involved in care and current medications, including dose and frequency.


·        If client smokes cigars or chews tobacco, encourage them not to use either at least two weeks prior to exam.  Some carriers will give Preferred rates, if no tobacco shows up in the urine specimen, even when occasional use is admitted on the application.


·        Do not smoke cigarettes within 30 minutes of the exam.  Smoking tends to constrict artery walls and elevates blood pressure.


·        If the client has an acute illness, i.e. the “flu”, consider re-scheduling the exam as some acute illnesses affect the urine and blood test.


·        FINAL TIP: Do not try to hide any medical history – be completely candid with the examiner.


The better job your client does preparing for the medical exam, the better chance of being approved for the best rates.  All underwriting will underwrite for the best rating class possible, and to remember some of these little tips could add up to a significant savings in premiums.